*Spiritual Quest* is a meeting convened by LionKimbro in the StarCommunity, to discuss, explore, and develop the philosophical background.

Spiritual Quest started, probably, somewhere in 2017 or 2018, and was originally constituted by LionKimbro, Melanie, and GavinR, meeting weekly (Saturday mornings) in the original StarHouse living room.

There's a long, but important, story about how Spiritual Quest came to be. We are starting to build a written history of Spiritual Quest meetings (SpiritualQuestMeetingNotes).

How "Spiritual Quest" Came To Be

In the first two years, roughly, of the Star Community, there was a great deal of exploration asking the question, "What is the Vision of the Star Community?"

We did this because all of the available literature we had found, including literature from the VisionarySocieties of TheFederationOfDamanhur and Tamera, strongly emphasizes "A community must find and express its vision."

We underwent a VisionQuest?, of sorts. FlorianBecquereau started a VisionForum? series, StrategyMeeting discussed vision, and there were many other forums and places of often heated debate. But it felt, after two years, that we were not much closer to being able to articulate a vision.

ReaClute noticed, during one such VisionForum?, conducted at a SummerCamp?, that: "I know that it is important that we find our vision. But I notice that the closer and closer we get to vision, the more we go into war."

We, in my opinion, made a very, very wise decision, to step back from discussing vision, despite all advice from the outside world.

I say wise, because we observed three other efforts, in the next couple of years, fall apart on the rock of "Thou must find a vision," which was really too bad, because we were emotionally attached to one of them, and sympathetic to the other two.

However, the vision question remained.

We continued to occasionally poll the community, "What vision do you care about?"

I was getting frustrated, because often times the visions people expressed were on the order of:

  • "I would like to live in a rural community, and I want there to be Alpacas in that rural community." -- see the UrbanRural? discussion, for more on that.
  • "I want us to be engaged with our neighbors."
  • "I want a network of friends, people I can come home to, and relax with."
  • "I want an environment of SexPositivity?."

There's nothing wrong with these ideas, particularly, but none of them capture the essence of a VisionarySociety.

I realized that: It is not really possible to get to a visionary society, without coming from a visionary place.

And I'd already understood that a MysterySchool? is an essential dimension of a functioning Visionary Society. But how do we get to that point of having a mystery school? And what do we do in the meantime?

One day during a StrategyMeeting, it suddenly hit me.

"Wait, we don't need to know our vision."

"We don't?"

"No. We don't. We are like... We are like someone who's down and out. They don't know what they're doing, and they have a lot of addictions that they can't control. You can't ask such a person about their vision in life, because their vision is addiction, which for us, is something like: Mainstream middle class existence. We are addicted to mainstream middle class existence; It's like a bottle for us. And so we cannot have a vision today."

"Well then, what can we do?"

"We have to be like the person who is consumed by addiction, but who says: I don't know what the answer is, but I know it's not this. "


"Such a person is on a quest. So we need to recognize that we are on a quest. Like the quest for the Holy Grail. But the quest here isn't for our vision, -- not quite. It's more like: We are simply looking for what is fulfilling, what is promising, we have to examine ourselves and our thoughts, and we need to develop ourselves, we have to figure out what we're about, and that's different than knowing our vision. I believe that if we do this place, and we can find the visionary consciousness within ourselves, then we can find our vision. But we can't just jump, straight to that. We have to be on a spiritual quest, first. Then we could have a shot at having a spiritual vision."

And thus was born the Spiritual Quest gatherings.

Brief Chronology of Spiritual Quest

This is estimated, but I think the timeline is something like:

Presently, 2020-12-26, the regular attendees are Lion, Gavin, Rea, Jack, and Lynne.

Others come very occasionally as well, such as Florian and Angelique.

What is the Relationship between Spiritual Quest and Strategy?

In some ways, Spiritual Quest functions some times like a steering committee for the StrategyMeeting.

Strategy is broader. Strategy is "any meeting for the advancement of the Star Community." Moonshots, ideas of what to do, relationship monitoring, having fun, philosophical considerations, logistics, all of these things are part of Strategy.

Spiritual Quest is, though, explicitly philosophical. "What does this thought mean?" "What are the different ways at looking at this topic?" "What does this action say about who we are?" "What's the psychology of our community?" "What is the nature of the divine?" "Why is this important?"

Note that all of these questions are welcome at Strategy, too. But in Spiritual Quest, they take center stage.

I should also state that -- Spiritual Quest is a bit loose, and we often do, either by convenience or because it's directly relevant to a Spiritual Quest conversation -- wander into Strategy.

But there is that difference.

Who Can Come to Spiritual Quest?

Anyone in StarCommunity can come, and some times visitors too (for example, Myztery,) but visitors are requested to please respect the ongoing workings of what is there. Ideas that challenge the orthodoxy of the group can definitely be brought, but the integrity and direction of the working core needs to be respected.

It takes place every Saturday at 10:30 am, at either RyanHouse or SkyHouse. See the CommunityInternalCalendar? for specific times.

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