Note: While the page title is "Strategy Meeting," in Star Community we usually just refer to this simply as "Strategy." That said, there are some times specific meetings are called "Strategy" or a "Strategy Meet."

"Strategy," broadly defined, is any conversation that takes place for the purpose of moving forward (MakingProgress?) in the Star Community. Making progress refers, in general, to advancing StarCommunityGoals?. Strategy meetings sometimes examine and clarify the big goals of the community, and at other times can take a more narrow focus on logistics and event planning. One of the characteristics of Strategy is that it's a little unpredictable about where the meeting will go. We might have a plan to work on logistics, and instead go to a broader topic, or the reverse can happen. We consciously accept and honor the unpredictability of the course of the meeting.

There's another regular meeting that occurs in Star Community, SpiritualQuest. The difference between Strategy Meetings and Spiritual Quest is that Spiritual Quest is a more focused examination of the philosophy, vision and spiritual goals of the community. For more information on Spiritual Quest follow the link.

Any StarCommunityMember can attend Strategy. We often welcome visitors, whether deliberate or incidental (i.e., somebody happens to be in the room.) The focus tends to oscillate between a strong focus, and joking around. When there is a more focused immediate need, it may turn to tight logistical organizing and phone calls, but it is also just as often philosophic, or entertaining, broadly monitoring the state of relationships, information gathering, or idea generation.

In the early days of the StarCommunity, JackPollard, ReaClute, and LionKimbro would get together and talk about the direction and ideas and plans for the community. At a certain point, Lion (I) said that we need to broadcast Strategy more broadly through the community, and set aside times where people can rely on being able to talk with us. Nowadays, (recorded: 2020-12-28,) regulars to Strategy include BenSibelman and LynneWilburn. Throughout the duration of the Star community, people have dropped in, and people have dropped out, but the current pattern has been pretty stable. Note that it is has been a few months immediately since we've had a formal Strategy gathering, and there have been periods where Strategy was at least monthly.

All this said, recall the principal meaning of "Strategy": Strategy is any conversation that takes place for the purpose of moving forward the Star Community. It's not confined to the "meeting."

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