Tamera is a VisionarySociety in Portugal.

It's website is at: https://www.tamera.org/

It is one of the key inspirations of StarCommunity, and many people from StarCommunity has stayed in Tamera for a lengthy time. AnetteSchuster? lived in Tamera for 3 years. LionKimbro has spent 3 months in Tamera. FlorianBecquereau has also spent more than a month in Tamera. Both Anette and Lion have and mantain personal relationships with Tamerans.

Several of the books from Tamera are critical canon for Star Community (see: StarCommunityCanon?.) These books notably include (but are not limited to) TerraNova, TheSacredMatrix, both of which we have studied extensively in on ReadingGroup? or another.

The people who founded Tamera started with the Black Forest experiment, proceeded through a somewhat underground period called ProjectMeiga?, then continued with [[ZEGG?]], and then in 1995 with the founding of Tamera, with the purchase of land in Portugal. (Dates may not be exact. We may be wrong on some of this information.)

The principal founders of Tamera were DieterDuhm, SabineLichtenfels, and Rainer Ehrenpreis (last name unknown to me).

Some of the critical pieces that we derive from Tamera include:

The Forum


Many things from Tamera of great importance come to the Star Community; One of those things is the [[Forum?]], which in our version of it, we call the StarForum?, in order to differentiate it from Tamera's particular configuration and embedding of the Tameran Forum.

In 1995, the NewCultureCamps started in the United States, directly inspired by and co-developed in connection with people from [[ZEGG?]], which led to the cross-fertilization of Forum thinking and ideas into the United States. It's from the New Culture Camps that we developed our practice of StarForum?.

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