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Summary: StarCommunityGroups->StarCommunityGroup; StarCommunityProjects -> CommunityProject[s]


< [new:GavinR:2021-01-10 00:20 UTC] I think we also need a space for StarCommunityProjects.


> [new:GavinR:2021-01-10 00:20 UTC] I think we also need a space for CommunityProjects.


There are, and have been, several groups in Star Community.

The list maintained on this page may not be complete, so I invite you to click on the Title of this page to see if there are any other pages that we've missed here.

If you add an entry here, please include some date information (the date that you added the entry, at a minimum,) so that we can preserve some historical knowledge.

List of Star Community Groups

Also, while not technically "Star Community" groups, there are these points of overlap that are very important to us.

Star Community Gatherings


While these are not technically "groups," there are also these large gatherings:

There are also regular parties and festivals.


I suspect that, as the list gets longer, at some point we'll want to distinguish "StarCommunityGroups" from "StarCommunityGatherings."

I think we also need a space for CommunityProjects.

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