SolSeedGraphicSigil SolSeed is a religion founded in 2005 by Brandon CS Sanders. Its main website is Its two core tenets are:

  1. Life is precious
  2. The destiny of Gaia is to take root and flower amongst the stars, to give birth to a family of living worlds.

More recently, we've introduced the concept of the Rebirthing, which refers to both the rebirth of civilization in a form based around the NewSacredStory? of Connection/Interbeing, and the rebirth of the Earth's biosphere through the regeneration of ecosystems humans have degraded or destroyed.

In contrast to most other religions, SolSeed is grounded in mainstream science and rejects belief in the supernatural. We use the term Gaia as a metaphor rather than an assertion of the truth of James Lovelock's controversial Gaia hypothesis stating that all life on Earth behaves like a single superorganism.

SolSeed also uses a specific model of the human mind and supports the virtues of Passion, Empathy, and Wisdom.

Despite its small size, SolSeed currently has two branches:

SolSeed and StarCommunity

Current StarCommunityMember BenSibelman joined SolSeed in 2006, when it was nothing more than a wiki site. He first met LionKimbro, a friend of Brandon's who went on to become a cofounder of StarCommunity, at SolSeed's first in-person gathering in Redmond in October 2008.

Ben has introduced StarCommunity to some of SolSeed's rituals, including Ben's appropriation of the Hanukkah menorah-lighting ceremony (Ben grew up Jewish) and the Viventibus Galaxia ritual featuring green fire burning across a clay model of the Milky Way Galaxy.

More recently, Ben and Lion came up with the idea of introducing SolSeed ideas into StarCommunity with a monthly Zoom meeting called the SolSeedPhilosophyClub?, in which Lion and other StarCommunityMembers could discuss SolSeed's philosophy with Ben and Eric Saumur. The first such meeting was in June 2020.

Regular SolSeed events

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