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Membership in StarCommunity is informal, with no defined process for deciding who is a member. In general, people who participate frequently in our CommunityActivities? are considered members, regardless of where they live. Star Community members can be found in the main StarCommunityHouses, elsewhere across Seattle, and in other cities such as Portland, Oregon and Orlando, Florida.

Here are some of the PublicFigures in StarCommunity by location of residence, listed alphabetically:


"Friends of Star" is a term that we use to describe people who are not (or might not be) Star Community members, but who are none-the-less near and dear to our hearts, or otherwise have something to do with what we are doing, and have a connection with us. We call these people "Friends of Star," and have a yearly FriendsOfStarParty? to celebrate and connect with them.

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